MIIIRO: Multi-Modal User-Interface for Remote System Operation

The Multi-Modal Immersive Intelligent Interface for Remote Operation (MIIIRO) is an operator interface for planning and controlling unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), unmanned tactical aircrafts (UTAs) and other remote systems. MIIIRO consists of (1) a community of intelligent agents which are aimed at reducing work and information overload, (2) an immersive environment which induces a sense of presence in the engagement area, and (3) multi-modal inputs, including head tracker and joystick, which enable efficient interactions. Intelligent agents are used to integrate, assimilate, and present data, and interact with the operator to plan and control the remote systems and mission payloads. An innovative open multi-agent architecture is being developed to facilitate communication and coordinate activities among the intelligent agents. The intelligent agents are implemented in Java while the virtual worlds in Java3D and VRML.


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