MIIIRO Extension for Experiments on Human Factors

Currently, the MIIIRO project is funded under an Air Force SBIR Phase III contract. The purpose of the continuation is to extend MIIIRO's capability. The extended MIIIRO environment supports not only planning for multiple UAV missions (for example, locating and identifying ground targets), but also human-factor experiments. The targeted human-factor experiments involve evaluating how various factors, such as multimodal interfaces, multiple vehicle supervisory control, levels of automation, levels of system fidelity, and information update rate, will affect human performance in C2 environments. This research will help us understand the requirements of the tools for C2 decision support. Our experience in using Java, Java3D, and VRML to develop the user interface and virtual environment will also be useful to the HCCD development. Recently, MIIIRO was mentioned in a feature article in the July 2002 issue of the AIAA Aerospace America magazine, and MIIIRO's capability of supporting human-factor experiments was highlighted in that article.